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Tactabet is Braille-Tactile-Text version of ABC books for children in both English and Hindi. The alphabet books will enable integrated and fun learning for visually impaired and kids with low vision.

Our journey with the visually impaired community began over three years ago when we launched White Print. The response has been overwhelming and encouraged us to move further into the infinite horizon of Braille books. We realised that there is a lot that needs to be done in the enchanting Braille world and Tactabet qualifies to be the legitimate next step towards our larger mission of having numerous Braille books in every school, library and bookstore. The unique design and technology used in creating and printing the book makes Tactabet even more special.

Designed by – Neha Talesara

Technical know-how, Poly Braille and computerised effects developed by Chanakya Mudrak Pvt. Ltd.

Tactabet is priced at Rs. 1,000 (English) & Rs.1800 (Hindi) and will be available on order. Please write to us for more details.

Also, if you and your friends are willing to donate Tactabet to any blind schools or to anybody who needs it, please write to us! We will pass on the good gesture with a personalised sticker with your names printed in Braille on Tactabet.

Sounds interesting? You are just one step away from providing one of the most innovative Braille resources to the visually impaired! Order NOW!

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