B For Braille


Basic literacy can be too trivial to matter to you and me but for many it is still a dream. For the visually impaired, Braille literacy stands as an unattainable reverie. The ratio of visually impaired and literate visually impaired is heavily skewed in India. There is an urgent need to educate and empower, to reach out, and to generate awareness regarding the value of the embossed word, the beauty of the language, and the magic of the Braille script.

In a world where screen reading softwares have begun to dominate the lives of the visually impaired and plugged in earphones have muted the mind’s voice, White Print seeks to make it audible again  In the very same world, many still want to reach out and hold a book, to enjoy the crispness of paper as its fragrance brushes their nose. Many still want to feel the little bump of words on their fingers as it fills their mind with the most vivid images. And nothing should stop them from enjoying this basic facility so trifling for many.

White Print has therefore initiated a drive to promote Braille literacy and help it spread to the smallest of Indian towns. “B for Braille” is a 5 minute music film poised to stir up conversation and bring matters of Braille back in mainstream. It is poised to become the Braille anthem of India. Because it is time we have one.

Apurva Mahajan
Sariika Singh
Mahesh Balraj

Kanishk Seth

Upasana Makati & Kanishk Seth

Satyanshu Singh

Arshad Chowdhury

Vinnie Hutton

Mixing & Mastering
Devang Rachh

Director of Photography
Raaj A Chakravarti

Production Manager
Shiv Pillai

The Boys
Paresh & Kumar

Casting Support
Jitu Rai

Costume & AD
Rachit Trehan

Parikshhit Jha

Produced By
Upasana Makati & Sharat K

Written & Directed By
Sharat K

Pankaj Ajwani & Huzefa, Concoction

Impossible Without
Megha Bissa
Krutika Behrawala
Pritika Behrawala
Apekshita Varshney
National Association for the Blind, Worli